Lyfted Planter Guides

: When learning to levitate for the first time, we highly recommend using a cloth on the base to protect from scratches. Also, test your ability to levitate BEFORE planting your plant, as levitation becomes slightly more difficult with a plant.

  1. Ensure your LYFTED Planter is on a flat, horizontal surface.
  2. Plug your planter into the power socket & switch the power ON.
  3. IMPORTANT: Place a small cloth/towel over the levitation base. This will protect the base from scratches when learning how to levitate.
  4. Pickup & hold the stone pot tightly, with both hands cupping the bottom of the pot.
  5. Position the stone pot 20cm above the exact centre of the levitation base.
  6. Slowly lower the pot down towards the levitation base in a circular motion, like a draining sink, this will help you feel out the sweet spot.
  7. When you feel a strong force holding the pot in place, slowly remove your hands from under the pot.

    How To Plant


    Stop The Spin

    • Depending on your preference, you can make your planter spin faster or slower.
    • To spin slowly, you must balance the center of gravity of your plant.
    • Ensure the plant’s weight is in the exact center of the volcanic stone pot.
    • Ensure soil is evenly distributed.
    • Snip any branches or leaves that hang wide, as this can cause an imbalance.
    • When you plant is perfectly balanced it will spin very slowly, or not at all.


    • Keep electronic devices 20 cm away from the levitation base, as this can affect the levitation of your plant.
    • For use indoors only.
    • Not suitable for children <12 years of age.
    • Do not leave the pot stuck to the base, the magnets may affect the device inside.
    • In the event of a black-out, the volcanic stone pot will slap down to the base, causing minor scratches. If you expect a power black-out, we recommend taking your plant out of levitation or placing something on the base to protect against scratches.

    Before Watering: Ensure the levitation base & electrical port are covered by a towel before spraying water. Alternatively, remove your plant from the base completely to water, then place back onto the base once drained.



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