Behind The Magic

If you ever played with magnets as a kid, you'll remember that weird 'forcefield' sometimes repelling the magnets away from each other - It's like that, but way cooler.

It's known as Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) and it uses opposing magnetic fields to help make things float. But it doesn't end there.

Super fancy electromagnetic coils & a tiny computer adjust the magnetic field over 1000 times a second to counteract bumps, wind, vibrations and even the earth's rotation, ensuring a stable levitation.

Without this tiny computer, your levitating plant would only float for a millisecond, before falling from grace with a dramatic *thud*.


As you can see, the 'magic' doesn't look so pretty, so we securely (and precisely) place our gadgets inside gorgeous, hand-made ceramic pots. We then seal it closed with a glossy plastic top to finish.



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