LYFTED Dark Levitating Planter

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Nature & science come together in perfect harmony - the LYFTED Planters are a beautiful spectacle that will capture your imagination whilst the magnetic field helps your plant grow stronger & healthier.

The elegant design of the ceramic levitation base contrasts perfectly with the hand-made volcanic stone levitation pots & makes for an unforgettable centerpiece.

Grow an Anti-Gravity Plant

Turn your favourite plant into an anti-gravity plant. The levitation pots are big enough to plant most small plants, succulents & bonsai.

Simple & easy to start levitating. You will soon be a master of the magnetic arts, ready to amaze your friends & family.

It's easier than you would think to maintain a Lyfted Levitating Plant & watering is a cinch with a spray bottle.

Create An 'Air Bonsai'

Try creating an 'Air Bonsai' by planting your own bonsai tree. It is the perfect reminder to slow down & take a breath. The ancient art of bonsai keeping has been helping people with stress for centuries.

Find peace in perfecting your air bonsai and keeping it perfectly balanced.

Grow Healthier Plants

If you suffer from the 'Black Thumb', a Lyfted Planter will give your little plant a fighting chance, as magnets are known to aid the health and growth of plants. Read more about magnets and plant growth here.

The slow rotation of the planters is not only mesmerizing to watch, it's actually great for your plants. Let them bask in 360° sunlight and watch them grow perfectly symmetrical.

An Unforgettable Gift

Gift one to friends or family and watch their jaw drop in amazement, disbelief and confusion. Reactions to LYFTED Planters are sure to make you smile.

Perfect for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, valentines, birthday or Christmas.

Give something unexpected.

More Details

- Helps plant growth and health
- Rotates 360° while floating
- Levitates silently, 24/7
- Can stop rotation if desired
- Perfect for small plants & bonsai (up to 400g)
- Authentic volcanic stone pot planter
- Each stone pot planter is unique
- Beautiful ceramic base (dark chocolate colour)
- Plants not included

Base: 15cm diameter, 7cm high
Levitating Pot: 9cm diameter, 6cm high
AC Power Adaptor: Output DC 12 V, 2000mA

For guides & more information about our Lyfted Planters such as how to levitate, how to plant & how to water your levitating plant, visit our 'Lyfted Planter Guides' page.

For more info about how these gorgeous plants float, visit our 'Behind The Magic' page.

For more info about how magnets affect the health of your plant, read our short article here.

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