The Houseplant Movement

There's a serious houseplant obsession going on right now among 20-somethings & it's been dominating our socials for a while. It started with succulents, pineapples & cacti but is quickly spreading.

People are filling there homes with plants unlike ever before.

But, what's all the hype about?



Instagram & the current economic climate are definitely major influencers fueling this craze. We live in a world that instantly rewards creating something beautiful - plants are beautiful, and never fail to get a like or two.

Hashtags like #jungalow and #urbanjungle have been taking off and is filled with 1000's of people showing off their gorgeous indoor forests.

As for the price, plants are a lot cheaper than having kids or pets. Plants are the cheapest way to bring some new life into your home. It's not as obvious as having a dog jump on you as soon as you get home, but you'll definitely notice when your big Philodendron is having a good day in the sun.

But, there's a lot more to this craze than Instagram & cashflow. There is a significant push from health experts trying to educate the world about the serious health benefits to filling your home with plants.




Ok, so plants are beautiful & really good for you, but what are you supposed to do about your dreaded brown-thumb?

We've compiled a short list of plants that offer the greatest health benefits to you & your family, but are practically immortal.

If you want to get started with something easy, pick up some of these guys.



What are you waiting for?

Start growing your botanical sanctuary ASAP to start reaping the many benefits, and remember...

Grow Something Beautiful



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