3 Reasons The Air Bonsai Is Our Favorite Product Of 2017

The floating Air Bonsai is, hands-down, our favorite innovation of 2017. Infact, we are so infatuated with the Air Bonsai, we are planning to launch our own line of Air Bonsai in 2018.

In our eyes, the floating planters coming out are not just a fad or trend, we see it as a game-changer in how we design our personal green sanctuaries.


1. Adding A New Element

In our years of plant obsession, never once has a single product or innovation introduced so many new possibilities to the way we design our gardens. 

Ok so, trends come and go, pineapples are huge, then everyone loves cacti, then the next - it's an endless cycle of fads, but not the Air Bonsai. These little floating planters do something that no trend has, introduced an entirely new element to our gardens...


It's one thing to create a gorgeous botanical masterpiece, it's another to create something that commands attention.

For us at Lyfted, it has fundamentally changed the way we think about designing gardens, this is an entirely new element we have never played with, and we are excited to see what people will create with it.

2. Utterly Mesmerising - like watching the waves roll in

Adding a new, captivating element to an existing masterpiece inspires a sense of awe. 

If you have ever sat by the coastline or a lake and just watched the waves roll in you'll know the feeling we're eluding too. That feeling of awe, of peace, of tranquility, where nothing matters but everything matters.

The Air Bonsai can have that very same effect. An Air Bonsai simply commands your attention.

You can't help but appreciate the subtle nuances of your succulent as it slowly rotates with a beam of sunlight casting interesting shadows. It adds an entirely new layer to your garden, turning it from a static beauty, to a captivating piece you can't peal yourself away from.

3. Versatile

The possibilities are nearly endless when adding an Air Bonsai to your garden.

It works so well in a collection - personally I love hiding the levitation base with a crawler or a vine, creating the illusion that it is floating in mid-air, completely removing any semblance of technological involvement.

Alternatively, it is a statement piece in of itself. Let it sit alone on a banister or side-table and it will still command your complete attention.

When we launch or our range of Air Bonsai in 2018, we will be adding a lot more design options, adding further to the versatility of the Air Bonsai floating planters.


Thank you for reading our top 3 reasons why we love the Air Bonsai & why it is the biggest game changer to indoor gardens in recent history. 

Learn more about the Air Bonsai - click here.

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