6 Quick Tips To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

We don't all have green thumbs, you may even have more of a brown / black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive. I've thrown together a couple quick tips that might help.

1. Firstly, choose the right plant for your conditions and climate. Indoor plants in general like a well-lit filtered sun position. Avoid placing them next to hot sun coming through windows in the afternoon. Dark areas need special consideration.

2. Cacti and succulents can work well inside – but check, as some demand full sun all day – common jades and crassulas work well, epiphyllum trailing succulents are great. Keep them drier inside.

3. Use one bold floor plant with height – giant-leaf strelitzia, fiddle-leaf fig, and ficus 'burgundy' all perform well – and use smaller trailing plant on shelves or coffee table plant specimen for interest.

4. Best performers in darker spots include peperomias, aspidistra and all mother-in-law's tongue (sansevieria) varieties, devil's ivy for trailing.

5. Apply liquid feed, such as Nitrosol or Aquasol, to plants every fortnight during the spring and summer.

6. As a general rule when watering, best do it in the shower, sink or outdoors – drench the plant to make sure its fully damp, then allow to dry out in between watering, although check your individual plants need. If your plant is very dry it may need a bucket soak.



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